Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar fashion

i love the oscars i'm watching them now i love all the fashion and makeup looks my fashion idol is Hailee Steinfeld  love her everyone should she is really cute and has great fashion sense :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Drugstore Or Department Store

I have an obsession with MAC cosmetics I love them and who doesn't? My wallet that is who. MAC may be amazing but it is very expensive and I sometimes find myself wondering why? Why is this particular brand of make-up 3 times the cost of Revlon when they both make eyeshadow, lipstick etc. What is it about the chemical formula that is so different than drugstore products and makes it such better (supposed) quality. Is the only reason we are willing to pay $30 for eyeshadow is because of a brand? There is no difference except packaging, branding, and hype. But lets face it we will continue to buy MAC and scoff on Revlon because this is America.

Thank God For Cover-up Otherwise People Would Run Away From Me Screaming ZOMBIE!!!!

I would just like to say whoever the jerk was that came up with the idea that you had to have perfect skin to be beautiful must not ever have had any problems with their skin, which is impossible so they were probably just a jerk. So why do some people appear to have flawless skin when in reality they probably don't? For one air-brushing is very common on magazine covers. For another the people with flawless skin probably obsessively clean their faces and have insanely amazing concealer and other concealing product that cost a fortune. These girls and women are rare, most of us struggle with acne blackheads and red spots. So why do we continue to buy these products that promise perfect skin? Is it because we are stupid? No i believe it is because we hope to find that one miracle product that really does work. And if anyone out there has it PLEASE share it with us who knows maybe people will get sick of perfect skin and acne will be in. Hey a girl can dream.